A new sweep, if not exactly a new broom, was needed. So we appealed to a […]
It is a good maxim for life that when things cannot get any worse they do. […]
Augustina Lyons, a Ghanaian from Harrow, won the only contest to be presented on land other […]
It was Friday the 13th (December 1991). It was the night of the great fog. It was […]
Theresa Lang was the right title-holder to stem the set-back in confidence which had occurred when […]
The fourth contest to be held on the St Nicholas, in November 1988, was the highpoint of […]
The weather, which was bad enough the previous year, came closer yet to wrecking the contest […]
This was the year that the title took to the high seas. The manner in which […]
This was the year that Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth established its own identity, even though we still had […]
The promotion exploded into activity with the second contest which was held at Spots Club at […]