The Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth title was founded in 1981 to select a public relations model to represent the Caribbean and Commonwealth communities at promotional occasions and at meetings with social and civic dignitaries.

The majority of contestants come from the relevant communities in the United Kingdom but there have been a significant number of entries from overseas – and in two contests previously the title was won by an Aruban candidate from the Netherlands

The history

Between Harwich and the Hook of Holland.

The INTERMEDIATE AGE was a time when title-holders maintained the traditions and achievements of former years but were faced with a change in public attitudes to beauty contests. It was not a time in which innovation was possible.

The title-holders of the SILVER AGE Theresa, Michelle and Augustina were just as active and enthusiastic as their predecessors of the Golden Age but waning media interest in such events generally meant that they were not publicised so extensively. The connection with the Netherlands was strengthened, as were the links with the Caribbean. With the consecutive Caribbean, Asian and African title-holders Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth was now truly representative.

The AGE of SURVIVAL saw Paulette and the other title-holders of the time struggle successfully to keep the promotion alive in the face of media hostility to all contests and public antipathy. Yet the seeds of revival were there as an influx of African candidates provided a counter-point to the previous essential Caribbean character of the crown.

In the AGE of RENAISSANCE a new generation of strong title-holders in Natalie, Shaherah, Uchenna and Shirley re-captured much of the dynamism of the earlier Golden/Silver ages. Close links were formed with other promotions active in this sector. Much of the impetus came from the student candidates. Karola and Curmiah maintained the momentum until the crowning of current title-holder Nicole who is well-qualified to take the title into its next age.

The Seventh Age of Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth could yet be the most exciting of all, and that is the age which you could help us write. With new opportunities in both promotion and presentation and new aspirations welded to proven traditions.

Clayton Goodwin ( Founder)