When it became obvious that her predecessor would not be available for engagements, or, indeed, for her inauguration, Karola Rajoo, the deputy Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK, was acknowledged as the 21st Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth. She was the first title-holder of Asian heritage since Michelle Ward had won 18 years previously. As Cathy had not been sashed, Karola was title-holder in her own right for having finished as runner-up in the contest. So that the prestige of the title was not impaired, it was important that Karola should accept the outstanding invitations as soon as possible. She helped recognition of the contest considerably by using the crown on a private visit to Trinidad.On her return Karola was received by the Mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock, and was a guest and judge at Miss Uganda UKpromoted at the Troxy Ballroom in Limehouse, East London. She continued to “fly the flag” at public and private occasions throughout the summer. Although plans for her to co-operate with her successor – to be elected at the next competition which was already arranged for the autumn – on the over-lap, as had been exploited so well by Natalie and Shaherah, did not work out as anticipated, unexpected events, and this was a year of unexpected events, ensured that Karola remained as de facto sole title-holder well into the next year. She added to her international experience by competing in Miss Asia World in South Africa.



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